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L1 white theme issues


For the white theme on mobile view the avatars are round. For the desktop view the avatars are rectangular.

With the white theme on mobile and on desktop, the level1techs forums text does not show. Example:



I think thats a positive for some people as they like round gross avatars

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The round avatars is a setting in discourse.

Also they are better.

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You are a heretic, round is not better



Your avatar in particular would be better round.



There’s actually a few issues with the white theme on mobile.

Links aren’t a different shade, so they look like plain text:

Certain categories have dark text on a dark background:

But for some reason the background for quotes is white:

But on dekstop it’s all pretty much fine:

You can also see that the mobile site has round avatars, desktop square.

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Great detective work!



This! I know we are probably the only two using the light theme, but this should really be fixed by now. It makes the white theme basically unusable…

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@kreestuh halp?

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I didn’t know there was a lighter theme. Awesome. I will try it for 30 days.

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Still the same as above.

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This whole round vs square thing is actually pretty interesting. Subconsciously to a lot of people, round objects are more appealing than those that are square. It’s part of the reason that a lot of smartphones started to implement rounded corners back in 2017.

I don’t know how well that philosophy would work here though. My vote is for square pics since everything else is the same way…

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Oh my… This is old

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There have been a lot of theme issues since the last update too. Which is sad. Discourse issue tho, I’m sure.

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Yeah, I just figured I’d periodically bump it since the same issues have been present for a while now.

I know only a few people use the white theme, but with the quarterly meta threads about making the forum great again I’ve been hoping the theme gets fixed some day.

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