L1 USB-C KVM [CAAB-P3112] Not charging laptop [Lenovo Thinkbook 14p] failing to be recognized on boot

The L1 USB-C kvm is not not connecting if plugged into the laptop on boot. I have to unplug and re-plug the kvm into the laptop multiple times after booting and randomly sometimes it will connect. Even when it does connect, it never charges the laptop regardless of which power mode it’s in or which port the laptop is connected to.

A few lines that stand out in journalctl

[drm] DP Alt mode state on HPD: 1
[drm:dc_link_detect_helper [amdgpu]] *ERROR* No EDID read.
hub 1-1:1.0: config failed, can't get hub status (err -5)
xhci_hcd 000:04:00.3: USB core suspending port 1-1 not in U0/U1/U2
usb 1-1: Failed to suspend device, error -32
amdgpu 000:04:00.0: [drm] *ERROR* AMDGPU DM aux hw bus 2: DPCD failed read at register 0x201

I can see the failed to suspend errors repeating at the console when I first boot, so it’s stuck in some kind of loop of failing to register but failing to suspend.

Also tested and won’t charge an intel based XPS 15, Although it seems less finicky WRT the USB and displayport connections. Any Ideas?