L1’ers with rugrats, would you cyber squat, on kids’ behalf?

Do any of you folks grab the corresponding names accounts in advance for your little ones, to avoid them having to make do with some arbitrary number at the end of their name when you deem them responsible enough to venture into the wider world of the Net?
I’m thinking like nameymcnameface@hotmail, or firstnamelastname@gmail?


Read @anon79053375’s Security Operations blog floating around here somewhere. That’ll answer pretty much any basics you are looking to have answered.

P.s.-No, you were not provided with a link intentionally by myself at least for one reason… Researching that which is readily available.

P.s.s.-My bullshit excuse for being too lazy to search directly for the answer here in the Community.

I don’t have kids, just wondering if those who do are already preparing while they are older / or have already done so.

Only asked because my nephew had to settle on a random string of numbers after his name, when his parents (my bro and his wife) decided he’s ready foir his next step in the wider web world.

I was surprised at how very quickly he was able to latch onto touchscreen technology though, taking to phones/ ipads like a duck on water.

I presume the interface is natural for kids in general, and I’m pretty sure they restrict his use a lot until he reaches teenage years

Children in this day and age will catch onto the Internet Of Things far quicker than we ever could because it is a part of their very nature in regards to modern technology.

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Just have this feeling this is not going to be relevant a few years down the road. Mostly due to all the people trying to push new content and don’t like being “TheChosenOne_6982485” will probably either come up with something brilliant or stupid so they can all be TheChosenOne…

Then again I have my name with no numbers in it everywhere I go anyways. :grinning:
Also got it in a bunch of places I don’t go just so I can be TheChosenOne…
When it came down to helping my nephew when he was younger it was real easy since
he has a common name but most people on average are not very creative with words,
humor and wit tends to make it easier for people to remember your user name.

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I setup Gmail accounts for my two youngsters way before they could use them. They are now in use and have been used to register their own steam and Xbox live accounts. I keep meaning to set up with similar proton mail accounts to use as alternatives.