Kyocera Printer (FS-C5350DN) - No firmware updates without service contract?!


sometimes I have to (still) print >1.000 pages (front/back) with colored figures/graphs within a very short period of time and luckily I could get a perfectly working used color laser printer with a full set each of installed and replacement toner cartridges still sealed.

I’m very happy with the printing quality but what shocked me is that it is a network-enabled printer with its original firmware from around 2010.

On the manufacturer’s support site there are still driver updates for the printer however no mentioning of any firmware updates:

Drivers & Software

I’m quite certain that the firmware back in 2010 wasn’t “perfect” and that there must have been numerous (security) updates for it.

After a short online search it seems that Kyocera only offers firmware updates by a service technician you have to pay to visit you?!

Dafuq? :confused:

I’m not in the printer “scene”, is there some trustworthy source to do firmware updates yourself?

In the meantime I’m only using it via USB, put I would have a more relaxed gut feeling if I knew that the original firmware image would be completely wiped and updated to the latest release when restoring it

Honestly, I don’t think it matters to heavily as most of your security worries would have to be when the printer is on a Domain network and or semi-public. If it stays local, there shouldn’t be much to worry about.

Regarding the firmware updates without a service contract, welcome to the world of enterprise hardware/software. I’m currently dealing with software where it is cheaper for us to buy a new license than to get caught up on our maintenance contract.

Ya a lot of printers companeys run this scam. Toshiba does it to but in Toshibas case you have to use a third party independent technician. I dont think HP and Dell requires a service contract. Im pretty sure you can just download the firmware with those guys. All you can do is vote with your wallet and dont buy from companeys that dont support their products or rip you off for support.

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