KVM / USB-C hub for desktop + laptop setup suggestions

I am looking for a simple solution to switch easily between my laptop (lenovo thinkpad T14) and my desktop (3600X, RX 5700XT). I have 2 1080p 144Hz, keyboard and mouse to switch between those.
I had a look at the dual monitor KVM, but I have 2 issues with it regarding the connection to the laptop. First it is not a 1 cable solution, I will have to add the charger somehow. Second, I don’t see how I can easily connect the 2 monitors to the laptop : I only have 1 HDMI out, and If I go through the thunderbolt port, well then I have to add a dock or something just to get 2 monitor output.

Right now, the only solution I can think of is the following : a thunderbolt dock with 2 hdmi outs, 2 usbs and power delivery capability that I can connect to the laptop to get a 1 cable solution. Then I can use a simple USB-C cable to connect the dock to the desktop to get the keyboard and mouse (monitors connected separately using DP). My concern with this solution is : when the dock is plugged to the usb-c of the motherboard (MSI B550M Mortar Wifi), is there any risk of damage ?

I appreciate any solutions, suggestions, opinions and judgement you can have :slight_smile:


EDIT : For anyone who might be interested, I ended up buying a simple USB C hub with 2 HDMI ports and USB-PD capable and a UGREEN USB switch. I have keyboard and mouse plugged into the USB switch and I should be able to use this utility to switch the monitors from the USB switch (not tested yet). I am limited at 1080p60Hz when using the laptop, but it is not an issue for me.

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