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KVM Switch with a Windows Gaming KVM?


Hello everyone, I had what might be a stupid question, but I was given the implication that you could use a KVM switch with a Kernel Virtual Machine to switch between the host and guest machines. However, I sorta figured out that this is meant for have two separate physical machines and switching between them. So how would you configure a KVM switch to run to one machine while still switching the between the host and guest machine? Would I have to run 2 different keyboard and mouse and video outputs to the same PC while having one Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor set up to input? What if I have 2 monitors how could I use the second monitor in this configuration?



You connect the “inputs” of the KVM-Switch to the ports associated with the VM and the ports of the host, then plug monitor, mouse and keyboard into the “outputs”.
The effect will be one physical computer and one set of HIDs but two (or more) OS instances.

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I mentioned this on a mailing list with some Qumranet employees about a dozen years ago, but it bears repeating…

Kernel-based virtual machine technology should have been referred to as KBVM.