KVM switch for 2x QHD 240hz monitors

I have a couple of really nice QHD 240hz monitors, but am struggling to find a KVM switch that supports them. I see two possible options:

  1. ConnectPro UDP2-12AP-KIT
  2. Level1 “1.4 Display Port KVM Switch - Dual Monitor - Two Computer”

The first option:

  • specifically says it supports QHD at 240hz
  • has 7+ weeks lead time :frowning:

The second option:

  • doesn’t say it, but is DP1.4 which “should” support QHD at 240hz
  • is out of stock, with unknown date for stock :frowning:

Lots of questions here, but essentially:

  1. Anyone had experience with either of these?
  2. Does the Level1 tech one support [email protected]?
  3. Did anyone hear about when the Level1 tech one might be back in stock?

I know I am (was) using the level1techs KVM (DP1.4 for 2 x PC’s 1 x Monitor) and it is not compatible with my new Samsung Neo G9 Odyssey @ 240 HZ. I have to downclock to 120hz, and even then, there are a lot of drop outs. This is using the recommended Club3D Display Port 1.4 cables. I also tried with StarTech DP1.4, same behavior.

Maybe @wendell could put the nail in the coffin?

I’ve had several other reports of the G9 working really well with the KVM, esp. with 2x 3 foot Club3d cables.

There are on-again off-again reports on the nvidia forums of dsc issues with geforce cards as well: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/game-ready-drivers/13/414358/issues-with-dsc-after-45698/?topicPage=16

Drop outs are a signal integrity issue, for sure. And if the signal is imperfect and you introduce compression the compression amplifies any problems on the cable.

In one customer instance, contacting samsung support they sent them a new firmware for the monitor and that resolved all issues, too.

I might try to pick up a G9 odyssey to use it for testing

I have a quad port kvm dp1.4 and a g9 49in monitor.

I have always run 120hz.

But the only weirdness I saw at 120hz was with my vega56. So I used my v56 at 60hz.

No issues with my 5700xt or 6900xt at 120hz