KVM Spice Latency


I have a virtual machine running on my local network. It is a windows KVM guest.

I use spice to connect to it over another local machine, and would like to decrease the latency that I seem to be getting.

Does anyone know and tips?

Two things that sprung to mind

Would reducing the resolution have an effect?

I connect using Remmina front end - Spice. I have LZ image compression. Is there a way to set this as LZ4 (Maybe lower latency)

What kind of latency? How are you experiencing latency mouse, keyboard, video? Obviously some latency will always exist over RDP and similar clients.

RDP seems to typically has less latency. Windows drag and snap more smoothly for example.

I think it may be screen refresh latency…In some full screen applications like visual studio, it takes a second for my keystrokes to show up.