KVM "emulating" Ryzen as Opteron G3

I just set up my new Ryzen desktop with Gray Wolf’s excellent GPU pass through tutorial. I’m passing through a Radeon RX 580 with near-native performance. My concern, however, is the CPU.

Even though I keep choosing to “pass through” the host CPU, virt-manager keeps reconfiguring the VM’s CPU as an “Opteron G3”. Aside from these CPUs not supporting SMT, I’m concerned that I may be leaving some performance on the table. Is there any way to get KVM/virt-manager to pass the CPU through as a full Ryzen?

I’m on Debian Stretch x64 if it makes a difference…

QEMU doesn’t have support for Ryzen emulation yet. This QEMU patch should allow you to use host-passthrough as the cpu model and enable SMT threads in the VM.

v2_qemu_zen_smt_cache.patch (6.5 KB)