KVM Comparison

I am looking at getting a Dual DisplayPort 1.4 KVM and appears that i have two options.

  1. Level1 DP 1.4 Dual display KVM (kvm-switch-2-port-dual-monitor-8k-model)
  2. ConnectPro DP 1.4 Dual Display KVM (udp2-12ap-kit)

I am wondering what the differences (other than price) are here. I know that the Level1 device says that it doesnt send a “phantom” signal which i take to mean it could resize, reorder, rearrange windows when switch to/from the machine. I am a Windows user mostly so this would become a hassle if it is true. Does the ConnectPro device do this also?

The audio ports on the L1 device, are these Speaker only or Speaker/Mic combo jacks? It looks like the ConnectPro has separate jacks - just another point of difference.

I know the ConnectPro is more, but could be worth it for my use case - especially if it saves me less time/hassle.

Would a displayport splitter and a DDC EDID dummy plug fix the resizing problem?

I have this one: https://www.startech.com/en-us/server-management/sv231dpddua2

Pain the ass, I have its power adapter plugged into a smart socket so I could reboot it with it starts screwing up USB.

I’m also pretty sure it disconnects display port when switched to the other input. I haven’t noticed any rearranging going on (I don’t switch all that often, two/three times per day)

I find a true comparison table among Startech, level1techs and ConnectPRO’s matching models


Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 12.37.26

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