KVM and Ryzen

Hey Guys!!..

first time poster here but you know i'm impressed with level1techs vidoes.. he's the only video that i can see about KVM's and linux.... SOOOO my plan is to setup my 1700 ryzen to be able to play 2 gaming vms.. I don't have the extra gpu to do that right now but i do have a work around ive got a spare RX 550 i can do it on.. SOooo in the next couple of days or possibly week... I want to setup this machine to be able to run 2 gaming vm machines. so escentally i run linux from a dedicated card thats just for display. and then use the possible 2 gaming gpus in my machine to be able to run games esentally.. i am probably lacking in the ram department but I just wanted to ask if you think it'd be possible.. before going ahead and utterly failing.. LOL.. there is really no use for what i'm trying to attempt other then when one of my mates come around i can setup the machine to play a game of quake champions with him or something... which won't happen that much but i am more interested in is will it WORK!.. so there's my story.. what are your guys thoughts on this because i am very keen to see if i can get it working...

my system then.

1700 ryzen..
16gigs of flarex 2400 ram..
RX580 - me main card i want to pass though to myself.. :stuck_out_tongue:
a possibly 550 for testing..
an NVS 300 nvidia card for using on linux..
m.2 drive for windows..
and some sata 500 gig random drive for linux..
mobo is a MSI SLI X370 plus...

anyway peeps let me know what you think about me project.. esentally i wnat to be able to game within linux myself.. but if i could host a VM for a friend that comes around sometimes that would be a bonus. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don't think you need more ram, not to get it running anyway, you can experiment later on, start by updating to agesa firmware on the motherboard, and with 1 vm and work your way up.

yea i have updated bios.. i haven't set it up yet tho... but it should be possible... anyway whatever i'm gonna try play around with it in the next few days if you guys are interested i'll post my results. lol

Definitely interested, let us know how it turns out.

My only concern is that for gaming, you're going to want more than 16GB of ram. The host OS will take up some memory, as well as KVM having overhead when passing through PCIe devices. If you're not passing through more than 6GB of ram to each VM, (total of 12GB in VMs) you'll be fine, but otherwise, you'll probably want to get more.

Hey, how about sharing what BIOS you are on (preferably one with latest AGESA code) and the IOMMU groupings it gives. I need that info and might be able to help with your setup too!