Koren Crossover 28in 4k Monitor For $349 OC?

Well I was going to buy a koren 1440p monitor when I stummbled upon this. The 1440p monitors were rangeing from $215-$300, at least the one's I was looking at. I have a 1080p 60hz TV that I use right now. I know that sounds stupid but that was what I had and there was no budget after I built my rig. Now I am planning on doing some content creation and have some funds to upgrade my display.
My thing is why go with a 1440p when a true 4k monitor is less than a $100 difference? It also claims this monitor is overclockable so that is a nice plus, I understand a lot of times this is nothing more than marketing BS. The seller cliams can QHD OC to 120Hz and Full HD to 144hz. I am thinking about pulling the trigger on this. I understand that a single 970 is not really ideal for gaming on 4k , which I also do a lot of, the ability to play at 1440p but have 4k available seems very nice.
Finally the money. I have looked and can't find a better deal than this for $350. It is a TN pannel and not IPS but for that price point you are gonna make some concessions also claims to have 1ms response rate GTG. Wanted to know what you folks think is this a good idea or not? Maybe I helped someone find a cost effective way to get a 4k monitor