Korean Monitors' Dream Seller - Great Attitude

Well I got the deal as I mentioned in the AMH thread https://forum.teksyndicate.com/t/amh-a409u-version-2/95627.

So, why write another thread/again about it....

I have moved temporarily to Thailand and still have all my ebay stuff registered in the UK so when completing the purchase through ebay entered the delivery address in Thailand but no go. Ended up assigning the 'registered' address in the uk and completed all. But the request to deliver to Thailand was not in line with the ebay seller policy and we almost had to abort. But gotta say the guys at Dream Seller were very helpful and quick with their workaround to make this still a real possibility of sending the unit out.

So, great service so far guys and they were very understanding about my specific request.

Shows that some good old fashioned service still exists and hoping to get all under way before the week is out.

Just saying.......

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