Korean Monitors 21:9 ; Where can i buy?

Hey, i keep hearing these so called "Korean monitors" and would like to pick up a 21:9 29 to 34 inch display in either 1080 or 1440. Im done w/ netfix and black bars at my desk and want an ultra wide but, im 16, money, nuff said i dont got lots even with a job. Anyways i would like to know where and or if i can pick one up and get it shipped to canada for about 250 to 400$ (usd). any links and or help is much appreciated, especially youtube review links. I can save more but i have 400 now and only want 1080 anyways but i still wouldn't mind looking at a 1440 panel, i might have a change of heart and reconsider. I plan to watch just movies, not game on it as i have a 144hz panel to game so 30hz is ok especially if ic can be oc.


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Here's Dreamseller's Ebay page:


I took the liberty to do a little searching for you:

Unfortunately, all the 34" panels were over $500.

You're only going to want to try and find a 1440p 21:9 display

As you might as well just get a 1440p monitor over a 1080p 21:9, due to the vertical space limitations.

Netflix doesn't stream in 21:9 so you might need to look for a browser plugin that kinda zooms the stream in for a fill mode.

Just so you know a lot of old stuff look like crap with the plugin on Netflix but things more modern look amazing House Of Cards look so good in 21:9 :D

It depends on the film, many are, especially movies. Tv shows not as much but i dont watch the tv shows. Ty

Ty for help and time


Anyone have a Freesync 21:9 34" 1440p 100+Hz pannels Korean

I have been looking at the M340CLZ very hard, it has freesync. I picked up a fury when they were on fire sale so everything should play well together.

Tempting $729.90 on amazon not sure if I want to wait for an HDR version or not.
$699.90 on Ebay

I don't think HDR is all its hyped up to be. Also in order for HDR to make any worthwhile difference the pixels need to have the range of sensitivity at the level of OLED which you aren't going to get from something that isn't OLED...

Acutally OLED isnt the best for HDR as its max brightness isnt that high, it makes up for this with darker blacks, would work in a darker room but lcd is actually better since its gets brighter.

I personally can't notice any difference with HDR on brighter colors.

Its more of if you have it in a bright space, I havent seen anything personally but thats what Digital Trends was saying and they defiantly know their tv shit. I guess Ill probably wait till after CES but with the cost of these main stream pannels I will probably pick up that M340CLZ. Funny thing is I am currently running an GTX 980 but I dont want gsync, I would rather not have the tech and wait on it to be sported or when I upgrade to probably vega. Although I doubt Ill be at very low frame rates so its kind of pointless.

I've turned off freesync for a few games because when there is too much frame time variance it craps out, anyways, ove noticed that the 100hz is good enough to leave vsync off.

Im currently rocking the old 1080p 144hz asus panel that had the chip you could mod to give it gsync, looking to update my set up as the panel is on its way out(occasionally turns off when I bump my desk and check all the cables they are nice and snug) Figured 1440p + Ultra Wide was the way to go.

anyone got expierience in shipping those korean monitors to germany?