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So ive thought about one of these a lot and never new how to create a decent framework for such a thread.

Here we go this thread is for those who want to share Ted Talks or other digital related talks that happen in STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) related fields. The intent of this creation is a broad thread to discuss videos such as these. However occasional educative talks about issues such as politics economics religion etc are permitted. STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) is the focus but this is all inclusive. You may also post professional society released videos like IEEE videos that are for the public.


  1. No spam
  2. Its okay to agree to disagree
  3. Dont be for lack of a better word an Abecedarian
  4. Final rule. ALL Impassed arguments that must continue for the sake of argument must move to their own dedicated thread or the lounge. Let’s not turn this post into a flame over a singular video please.

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” Aristotle

I find making an individual thread with such videos for each topic allows it to get lost in the forum. Lets try and make it centralized to this post. Let’s call this an “Intellectual Lounge”.

Ill start off with my recent Ted talk I went to. The TedX Boise event. Yes I am in the front row

The first talk here is the VP of micron technologies. This guy has quite the sense of humor and a great vision of where memory will go

This second talk is performed by my overseeing professor Dr. Barney Smith. A teacher who I took many signal processing related courses from. I took image processing from her as well and this topic is about exactly that. Transforming our world and also what we know about history

Finally not from boise but another great ted talk is this womens view of islam and how she believes it has been warped. This is pretty much the view I take on it as well and its why it deserves a share. Despite being not so STEM focused nor related but in the interest of education.

@kewldude007 or @sgtawesomesauce feel free to relocate this thread to its best served location. I felt it was community however I do not mind finding a better spot if there is one

Have fun all lets learn something new everyday. Whenever the forum gets stagnant (it happens its not a bad thing) this can be a thread to make things interesting for a bit.



Example of IEEE video. This is from one of the societies I am affiliated with however I am primarily part of the Mega Hertz to Terahertz community. In case you want a link: MTT-S

Anyways back to the video at hand. This one is from the IEEE SPS facebook page: there main page is here image

I love the way he talked about data and stats. Give a listen



Do these DEFCON-esque videos count? Arguably technology/engineering.

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Yes they do. Like I said knowledge growth corner. All quality videos and what I mean by quality is about 20 mins or longer like teds or longer of solid content

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Very interesting. @anotherriddle you may like this one if your still hovering about.




Both of these are technically ads from the 1930s, but are more educational than almost any 10min video nowadays.



If you are interested in old ICs Ken Shirriff has a hackaday video looking at the 555 timer and some 74 series ttl chips de-capped under a microscope:

He also a really interesting blog:



Very interesting also not super STEMy but very good watch


Good emerging topic



Just an SPS video on WiFi sp



Found out something new today



Those videos on high speed trains brought to mind this video on how maglev trains work.

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I approve of this thread :smiley:

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Welcome to the KGC I approve of your post :grin:

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This was great.



Because they can build a wall. And build it tall.

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