Knock off X58 Motherboards on eBay, in 2016, WTH?

Was looking on eBay on the off chance I could find a old 1366 workstation board to see if I can do a replacement job for them but then I saw a few of these:

Brand new Chinese generic X58 motherboards, being old in 2016? is there even a demand for 1st gen i7s?
Further more are these boards the real deal? I noticed unlike real X58 mobos it only has dual channel memory, but I looked up the feedback on this item and people seem to actually be happy with them.
Does anyone here have any experience with these? and can anyone think of why are they even being made?
The only reason I can think of is the potential of building a gaming PC on the cheap since you can pick up a 1st gen i7 for next to nothing but other than that I'm stumped.
by far the most bizarre thing I found on eBay, tech wise anyway in a awhile.

Now I'm seeing P55 mobos:


Chinese market. You can get real Fluke multimeters in China for $70 bucks. The equivalent price in Germany is 300€

This whole 'buy old server chips' thing has been taken to absurdity.

Just buy latest gen engineering sample CPUs unless you need something for a business production environment.

If they are the 12E or B I think too, they are real Fluke just made specifically for the Chinese market and not to be sold to us westerners. Usually because they are bang up little things at less than a third of the price. They just want to continue screwi g everyone.

There are also very fake ones too. But some are legit.

That looks like a foxconn board. So its probably a local only board.

Motherboards tend to break earlier compared to CPUs. I can still find dual Slot-1 Tyan Tigers on Ebay for Pentium 2:s :D

Sure there is demand. 1366 systems cost less and perform higher than most low-cost mid-range systems these days. Xeons are more commonplace though, seeing chips like the E5640 sell for $25. These will commonly overclock to 4.2 or 4.4GHz and be more than enough performance for gaming even today.