Kingston Hyper X predator ddr4 3600mhz on x570 best ram settings?

My system :

Mobo- Asrock x570 taichi ( damn you Wendell for your video about this board a while back conning me into buying it. xD :stuck_out_tongue: ) with bios p4.10

Ram - Kingston Hyper X Predator 32GB DDR4 3600mhz x4 sticks ‚Ķcurrently running at 18-18-18-18-24 at 1T command rate @3200mhz speed ( Yes‚ĶI know‚Ķmegatransfers‚Ķnot megahertz‚Ķshrugs) . ‚Ķ with Power down disabled as well as ‚Äúsuspend to ram‚ÄĚ disabled in UEFI

cpu - ryzen 5900x stock no overclocking what so ever /auto timings

rx580 8GB sapphire nitro+ vid card

Intel 750 800GB pci express ssd
multiple other ssd’s for scratch drives/mass storage
multiple hdd’s for mass storage backups.

Seems, and I figured this might be the case, no matter what I try I cannot get this ram to run at 3600mhz at even 24-24-24-24-34 1t or 2t settings…meaning it refuses to POST.

I can…however, get it to post and launch my os plenty perfectly at 20-20-20-20-24 1T at 3533mhz …which I find…odd considering the tiny mhz speed difference and the much bigger CL timings I’ve tried as well as my current at 18x4-24 1T and everything runs perfectly and snappy

I was wonder am doing anything wrong or forgetting any special settings in UEFI?

My youtube searches have come up fairly empty that I can recall and I have plenty of cooling on them as well as the cpu ( noctual nh d15s with another noctual fan blowing at an angle downward from the mosfet side right on it and another one blown down straight onto the ram)

So…what are the best ram settings you think I should be able to get? Is it better to run at 17-17-17-17-20s 3133mhz, 18-18-18-18-24 3200mhz, or the 3533mhz 20-20-20-20-24 ?

This is with gear down mode set to Auto.

Ideas please?

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