Kingdome Come: Deliverance

Hey guys 

Has anyone been tracking this game? It looks really interesting. Realistic Medieval first person RPG. The fighting mechanics seem really solid too, and it looks (crucially imo) like a true open world game. I'm not the biggest fan of first person view, but this looks real promising.

It's quite a big budget game, and it's only on Kickstarter in order to convince the investor that there is interest in the game (according to the devs).


I've not been following the Kingdom Come: Deliverance's developement closely but I've read a few things and have to say it seems promissing as it's a RPG featuring no magic which I think will differ from most of the RPGs.

Going to pay close attention to the development and I might back it

I did a alpha test for them last thursday. Some friends had a school assignment to test a program and their teacher got them in touch with Warhorse. I was the first one to have a go and they recorded everything. I was alone in a room with about 10 cameras and had to comment my actiona. I had some guidelines on paper. Of course, the first thing I tried to do was killing a chicken, but I only had a torch :D. It was the old alpha build and it was running on a rig with the GTX 980. The graphics were really good, but that is expected as it is in CryEngine 3. Anyway, this is a perk for someone living in Prague :D. They also mentioned that later someone from Warhorse may come visit, but I didn´t have time to stick around :(

I remember seeing media from this about a year or so ago. Havent been following development at all though since then. It looked great originally. I know Warhorse did an AMA on r/games a long while back:

I thought they were going to do something with r/pcmasterrace as well, but not sure if that occurred.