Kinetic cooling set to become the next cool change for pc hardware

I've seen this product in many CES2015 video's and then I found this news article.

Please read and comment, maybe a good topic for The Tek.

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Cooler Master and CoolChip Technologies(TM) Forge Partnership to Bring Kinetic Cooling Technology to PC Gaming and DIY Markets

I saw JayzTwoCents's video on it. Looks really interesting and it may put the Cooler Master Hyper 212 to death if it performs well for how much it will cost.

ARGGGH, it didnt tell you anything AT ALL, i hate you op

yea i wonder why people don't put sterling engines or something on it to get electricity/power back from the system.

And what would you do with such a tiny amount of energy?

The centrifugal blower (that all it is) wouldn't bring back in enough energy to make it worth while.

light up LEDs, power small fans? I don't know why people think that it has to be 120 volts or 9 volts to be usable.

Here is another look at it and the first round of mid entry level cooling solutions with CoolerMaster later this year.

I'm sorry, here are some quotes to fill in the gaps.

  • CoolChip Technologies is set to disrupt the multi-billion dollar thermal management industry by delivering a state-of-the art Kinetic Cooling Technology to OEMs and ODMs. By partnering with CoolChip Technologies, consumer electronics and enterprise manufacturers now have the opportunity to unleash innovation and deliver next-generation products for their customers.
  • With the introduction of CoolChip's Kinetic Cooling technology, now there is the opportunity to deliver up to 50% improvement in cooling and achieve a 2x smaller form factor at significantly lower noise levels – critical elements in today's high-density electronics world.
  • "Over the last four decades, everything in the computing industry has changed exponentially," said Will Sanchez, Co-Founder and CEO of CoolChip Technologies. "However, fan cooling technology simply hasn't kept pace. Today's partnership announcement with Cooler Master is the first step in rendering the traditional heat-sink plus-fan approach obsolete in the power hungry gaming console industry."
  • "By using Kinetic Cooling Engines versus traditional cooling methods, consumers will see dramatic improvements in thermal performance at significantly lower noise levels. Additionally, the potential for smaller form factors using Kinetic Cooling Engines will save critical space and allow for design innovation. These benefits ultimately will allow our customers to create products that deliver a superior consumer experience."

They look interesting. But damn it would have to be balanced well. A chunk of spinning aluminium would be dangerous if it shook itself loose.

That would be a monumental waste of power considering there is an electric.motor spinning this thing. 

So you would be using electricity to spin a chunk of metal to get a smaller amount of electricity back? It would be fine if it spun because of heat and convection but it is spun by a motor so you are losing energy at every step rather than just converting it.

I'm pretty skeptical, gyroscopic procession would wreck the aluminum if it's not designed properly. If that's the case then it would only be able to work on a single plane and couldn't be moved while powered on limiting this to desktops. Also the advantage for having separate assemblies for fan and heat-sink is that the fan can be replaced when it fails, this whole assembly would need to be cheaper than regular setups and not much more expensive than your average fan.

You really shouldn't rotate or jostle a laptop around too much while it's running anyway,  assuming it's got a mechanical drive in it.  This seems like it would be a bit bulky for the laptop form factor at present anyway.  Maybe in the future they'll be able to slim it down?

It shouldn't break from being moved any more then a standard fan. if it's casted solid aluminum like it appears to be you could probably drop it off a 8ft ladder and it would still work. as for the whole too thick for a laptop thing I say screw light and thin.

if laptops were made using full itx boards with some modifications. namely flipping the pci-e slot sideways. the laptop would only be 12x12x2.5 that includes the monitor and a single slot gpu. you could even fit a slim dvd drive. if you used a 14inch LVDS monitor then you could easily use a 12+ cell battery.

Am I the only one who thinks that their comparison with delta fans was complete bogus? I mean, you usually have several of those creating a windtunnel through the whole rack, basically cooling everything inside. You simply can't compare this spinning heatsink (seems like this is what it boils down to) that can only really cool a CPU (I really doubt that it creates any notable airflow besides that) to a bunch of delta fans in a properly laid out server rack.

I already heard about this some years ago. If it did not make it to the market in that time, there is probably no future for this.

Linus now has a video of them too.

can you position your motherboard vertically or does it always have to lie flat?