Kinda backed myself into this

Wasn't sure where to put this because it could go in a few dif forums. 

Let's start with I have my gaming rig and my HTPC. Gaming rig: 3570k/GTX 660 SLI HTPC: A10-5800k/7750 LP dual graphics. Problem is now I want to mine scrypt coins.


What's my best plan of attack here? The HTPC does have a corsair 400w so I was thinking about pulling a GTX 660 and buying a non low profile case and running that as the HTPC. And with BF coming up picking up a 290x for the main gaming rig and miner when I'm not home. Then just selling the extra GTX 660 and 7750LP. 


If I remember right that A10 apu shouldn't too harsh of a bottle for just one 660. The HTPC is used mainly for media consumption and a backup gaming rig.


Did I cluster myself too much here for what I now want/need? Or would this be the best plan of attack...


Thanks in advance.

unless i'm mistaken, there is a forum for this. i'm not criticizing just simply saying you might find more help there.

i posted in hardware/hardware and it got moved here. so who knows where it belongs lol.