I don't understand what Kilohashes is! 
What does it mean, and how do i find out, what my GPU outputs?

How do i find out my self? 

I don't do bitcoin/litecoin mining so someone may wish to correct me, but 'kilohashes' is basically just a unit of measurement for how much 'mining' your hardware does.  A 'hash' is the output of a cryptographic function, so data is fed in and then 'hashed'.  Kilohashes (or megahashes/gigahashes) refers to how many times your hardware can perform that operation per second.

If you want to melt your brain a little, have a read of this:


And there's a table here showing hash rates for various hardware:


@EvilGenius has it right.

Kh/s is Kilohashes per section or 1000 hashes per section 240kh/s would be 240,000 hashes per section

It goes up just like memory 

Megahashes = Millions of hashes/s

Gigahashes = Billions of hashes per second.

A gtx 760 will do around 150KH/s its not worth mineing with gpu's anymore especially nvidia gpus just to put it into perspective a $80 AMD card like a HD7770 will do 200+KH/s