Killing my console

If you're going to use windows... The built in Windows defender(8/10) or download Security essentials(7) with Malwarebytes seems to hold up decently well. For the mods...I'd recommend using the ones posted on the steam workshop or maybe nexus mods with the mod manager. At least until you've got yourself familiarized. In the case of Linux you don't really need to worry too much. At the most AVG assuming they still make it for linux??

I don't really want to push anybody to Windows 10 but there just isn't enough software on Linux yet for me to recommend it to a new person. I think you would probably get the best experience out of windows 7 as long as you turn off all the annoying W10 adds and telemetry bullshit.

If you don't want to dish out the extra cash though linux is free so there isn't really any harm in trying.

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I agree

Take out the hard drive from your xbox and format it. Pretty much free space. I however don't know how to do it, correct me if I am wrong but I can't see any issue with that.

Please don't be a troll.

I honestly don't know. It would make sense that you would be able to salvage the drive and format it, but then again I have never done that nor heard anyone do that. Is it possible?

Hi my name is also Zachary and I feel a need to respond because we have the same name lol
here's a budget build for you.

Get a 1080p monitor off craigslist sometimes you can find them as cheap as $20 and monitors don't tend to wear out or go bad and just buy a basic $10 keyboard, i'll leave the mouse up to you (technically it's all up to you but you know what i mean)

i'm also feeling generous so if you need a free legit windows key PM me. i'd sell them but it was recently made against forum rules.


If you had to you would really just be better off finding a place to shave a little off in the rest of the build to just get a new drive than you would be salvaging one out of an xbox.

When Windows asks:

"Do you want XXX_POKER.EXE to make changes to this computer?"
Answer "No"

That's 99% of modern Windows security techniques.
It seems like every-time I fix a dead Windows machine, it's because somebody clicked "Yes".

I would personally go for Windows 10 but you could alternatively buy Windows 7 and take the free Windows 10 upgrade. This way you can always go back to Windows 7 if you don't like it.

Installed PORN.EXE

wat do?

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@SoulFallen and @Streetguru's builds are good choices. But keep in mind you can go even cheaper to kill your console, or to stay relative to it. Most xbone games still only play at 30-60fps at 1080. Also, if you're like me and waiting/saving to get a decent screen, you can always use your TV. Its also worth mentioning that most PC games have controller support that works with PS4/ XBone controllers, so you might not want to part with them just yet, the mouse and keyboard can take time to get used to, and some games I still prefer a controller if its single player , like Shadow of Mordor.
If you need help or have any questions, I'm sure you can ask the community, hell you could even PM me.
@Logan has made a couple of videos related to this subject, starting with:


and you might wanna checkout:

All of these are good. Building a PC is like adult legos. If you can handle a car, I'm sure you can handle building a PC. Believe in yourself!

Thanks for all your help guys. i'm planning on going windows because thats what i'm used to. i've been told the Intel core I5 quad core is one of the best cpu's to use for gaming is that true?

When you buy from people like ibuypower, they go with the lowest end of components. Keep that in mind. As in PSU, RAM, and case.

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If your primary use is gaming, the i5 6600 is as high as I would go. As logan pointed out in the last video linked above, it's still way overkill. You'd be better off saving $100 with AMD, and spending that $100 on a better graphics card.

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What do you guys think about the alienware X51?

It looks nice, but it would be cheaper to build one your self. It is also a great learning experience. I can tell you are scared to build a PC, but trust me. It is easy. Watch the build guide. When building the computer, watch the build guide at the same time. You would save money, but you would loose about a day or two of time.

Dont ever buy prebuilt, they are always worse, price to performance ratio. They usually give you a high end cpu and alot weaker graphics card which isnt what you want for gaming at all.
It's really not hard to build a computer.
You can find videos online about how to go about psychically putting the parts in, but don't be intimidated.
And if you get stuck you can always post on here, I'm sure we can help you out.

As i've been looking around i see things about over clocking is that something i will need for gaming?

You won't need to, but it helps you get better performance. Me personally I haven't overclocked my computer because I don't have a good cooler on my CPU. I have over clocked my GPU in the past. It is easy for the GPU, but you need to know the general limits for your GPU so you don't break it.

Are you looking at things about overclocking the CPU or the GPU?

For the CPU I don't really think it's necessary. I've had my CPU overclocked, but I run it at stock pretty much all the time because it has all the horsepower I need for my purposes. I have an i5 4670K and I mostly just have a ton of chrome tabs, word docs, and PDFs when doing research. I also like to game when I have time and never feel held back by my CPU

As for the GPU, this can make a difference at least in benchmarks and can make a noticable difference when playing games that are juuuust out of your card's capabilities. There's usually not a "need" to do this, as you can always just dial back the graphics settings in the game, but most aftermarket cards have software available to make conservative overclocking really easy. There's nothing you will need that will cost extra money to overclock your graphics card unless you're looking for extreme performance.