Killing Floor delay

Everyone on the steam forums and Killing Floor group chat are going absolutely crazy because the game was delayed for a few more hours. Constant spamming of threads and rick roll links in the chat have filled the gap between the delay and I think its hilarious that there are so many immature kids dieing to play the game, whining left and right for some attention, cursing at tripwire because they're working on whatever bugs that caused the delay. I hope when it is actually released, I won't have to play with those children.

I'm just trying to get into the forums... it wont even load, guessing there are so many people complaining there that its eating up the bandwidth

Managed to get on.. i see what you mean lol. there are ALOT of threads.

It "Should" be here at 7:00 eastern so simmer down.

i got up in the morning for this shit and it just stayed at "approximately 1 hour" for 3 hours and i ended up raging AROUND MY COMPUTER


lol valve needs to integrate a new message to the countdown "DELAYED!"

I heard there are no servers to play on LMAO
man this was fail will probably buy it later

i tried and couldnt get on a server. the game feels sick though.

no thats not the problem
the problem was there were TOO MANY servers
and the whole system was being overloaded to fucking hell and then nobody could play coz it was so overloaded

well, i set my alarm for 10am cuz it said at 7am APROX 3 hrs

woke up at 11 lol


got on tried to join a server SERVER FULL SERVER FULL   CONNECTION ERROR

so i hosted listening&dedicated no one came

so i played by myself in the dark kinda alittle scary meaning its a pretty good game

killed 10 zombies turned it off then started playing battleforge

meaning this game is still shitty ill wait till they update this crap cuz i can't host i even went to my router and added Killing floor Port 8075

so ya.....and all the people who did host had password protected shit on it

KILLING FLoor Servers had errors

uhhh this game they should've made the release today (friday) instead of today cuz ATI 9.5 drivers come out today

if anyone hasn't already posted 9.5 drivers got delayed.....