Keyboard Suggestions

I am just about to build my first pc and I was wondering if you guys could give me any suggestions on what kind of keyboard to get.  It is one of the last things I'm looking at and it is proving to be one of the harder decisions because there are so many options.  

Anyways, I will be doing a good bit of typing since this computer will be in my room at college, but I will also be using it in my free time for gaming.  I definitely want a mechanical keyboard and backlighting would be a plus as well.  To stay within my build budget I can spend up to $120.  

Any suggestions are welcome and thanks in advance for the input.

I use one of those and its a really great keyboard and its in your price range but its really clicky due to the cherry mx blue keys so if you need silince and a mechanical keyboard get a keyboard with cherry mx blacks

Thanks for the suggestion.  This is actually one of the keyboards I was looking at in the first place.  I like a good firm click so I think I would like the cherry mx blues and as for the clicking sound I'm sure my room mates can deal with a little extra noise haha


Little around the price range, but DAS makes SICK keyboards that're quality German made and super clean looking. I loooooove my Ultimate S brown switch board.


I can recommend you the Steelseries G6v2, even though, i fo not like there micess, the keyboard is solid and for a mechanical keyboard, in a good price range, plus it got media keys.

The non-plus-ultra on mechanical keyboards is the Qpad MK-series


And last but not least, the MS Sidewinder or the Razer Lycosa keyboard are popular and often used, so you can not go wrong with these.

Thanks for all of the suggestions!

Taking into account what all of you suggested I think I've narrowed it down to the BlackWidow, the DAS and the Ducky.  First time using the forums and I'm amazed with the feedback.  Thanks again for the help