Keyboard feet replacement

I’m trying to do a minor repair to my WASD V2 keyboard, the feet that prop the board up into a nice typing position broke off and i cannot find replacement parts on linekeyboard
Any ideas on how i could make a part to replace them?

Take some measurements and make one in fusion 360 then have it 3d printed.

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Dunno where you could find ones which are also rubberized as the original ones.
3D Printing sound like a great idea if there are such cheap services around.
If you don’t have the money, maybe you have the time to spend looking for old keyboards at recycling centers.

I am going to type on this wasd v2 until it breaks and then I’m going to hold on to the key caps and switches and move to a different platfrom (DELL AT101 or some older Keytronic base keyboard).

I’m glad I never look at mine, the D and Ctrl keycaps are half erased, and I won’t bother with expensive doubleshots sets because of that reason.

Do you still have the parts that came off? I fixed my headphones not terribly long ago with some JB Weld and that works really well. I actually replaced the pivot part with a nail that I filed down and it worked great.

It has a lot of surface tension when liquid, so while it flows, it can be a bit hard to get in tight spots. I ended up just letting it cure and putting a second coat around it to make the joint thicker. I used a cheap Bluetooth adapter to turn it wireless while I was at it so I don’t have to worry about it getting snagged and breaking again.

I really can’t see in the pic (matte black things tend to be that way), but you might be able to fashion some triangles out of something that the keyboard can sit on, using the existing recesses to catch on top. If you don’t have much in the way of tools and materials, you could probably cut up plastic from soda bottles, laundry detergent, or similar.

DIY Sugru is also really handy stuff. I had chalk powder for my chalk line that I mixed in with it to make different colors. They usually have red, blue, and black at the hardware store. I’m sure there is other stuff you could use to change the color as mentioned in the link above. It’s a bit grippy and flexible, so it should work well for feet. You could just put it on the bottom of something, or mold it around wood, metal, or plastic acting like rebar and have the entire piece encapsulated.

i no longer know where the parts are, i think ill be 3d printing new legs at my public library with their equipment for a few bucks, however the guide youv’e posted looks cool and ill definitely check it out.

Thanks :slight_smile:

This is a common misconception. The stands that prop a keyboard up at an angle are meant to be used for those who don’t know how to type at all, so they can see the keys more easily. Those who know how to type properly should use the keyboard in a flat configuration, as propping it up on the feet can put your wrists in harmful positions.

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