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Kewldude007's 3D Printing Adventure: Crowdfunding TRINUS - The Affordable All-Metal 3D Printer



now printing a 3DBenchy with aluminum pla


@Skelterz @ThatBootsGuy just for you


totally botched this with leaving supports on and also a jam midprint, so I aborted it


first "long" print

16 hours 41 minutes

120mm tall


more lasering today


Cool, are you planning to smooth him out using acetone vapour?


No can do, it's pla


gonna print a muzzlebrake

this is gonna explode, I just know it


if It even fits the tolerances of the rifle's muzzle lol



that disappointment comes later


Or, it'll melt after a few mags and it'll either fall off or be stuck on. ;P


lol no, im not gonna let it get that hot

I aint cleaning that


I seriously hope this failure gets documented in a video. Will certainly watch.


in ABS or PLA?



yes really, im crazy


How thick is the big ring's wall? Is that 1/4"?


okay, poll


  • blue
  • black
  • purple


Votes are public.


maybe 3/16


hmmm..... that's awfully thin.

  • It'll just fall off / not fit correctly
  • First shot it explodes / breaks
  • Might get a few shots out of it but it won't get much breaking force
  • Seems legit.


Votes are public.