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Kewldude007's 3D Printing Adventure: Crowdfunding TRINUS - The Affordable All-Metal 3D Printer



To be exact...10 months and 18 days but its not like anyone was counting ;_;.

TL;DR I backed a "cheap" 3D printer on kickstarter and its not shit. This is thread will serve as a photo/story dump of everything I do with this machine.

Campaign link

Ok so I'd really like to skip over the whole kickstarter process because its just a bag of angry cats, but, some things are worth noting. The final, shipped version, is different than the printer I originally backed. The one I now have has a vastly improved part cooling fan that actually wraps all the way around the nozzle. The other addition was a revised heated bed, which was originally to be controlled by an on/off switch but is now controlled in software/slicer (this is a good thing).

Anywho, now to the blissful experience I just had today. (this is where it gets blog-y).


(preface: I had a violent windstorm come through the region yesterday)

So, I wake up today getting prepped to go to work, knowing that UPS would be delivering my long overdue pledge today. As I make my way up the basement stairs, my mom tells me that my dad (who arrives an hour earlier to work than I do ((we work at the same place))), that he is pulling the driveway. I'm completely bamboozled. Immediately after coming in the door he tells me that the power was still out at work (which happened at 3pm yesterday).

TL;DR: Work got cancelled


Waiting what seemed to be endlessly for the glorious brown truck to appear on my security cameras, I reminded myself that my dad sent me a link to a absolutely fantastic deal about a shotgun 65 miles away.

So I went and did that to fill some time

Slightly more story time but still irrelevant to printing but is relevant to the story, obviously.

On my return trip from purchasing my new shotgun I get a call from my college alerting me that tonight's classes have been canceled. I was immediately very displeased with this information because I was supposed to make an important group presentation today, but oh well, MOAR TIME FOR PRINTER.

Come around 3:45-ish pm (I'm home now) and my dad yells to me that there is a large, heavily worn, box on my front porch. I sprint up the stairs and glance out the window and there it is.

Let's get this show on the road.

Absolutely amazing well packaged.

The reason why (at least this is what was claimed) this printer was so much less complicated than other "cheap" machines is that all the axises(?) were the same component, save for the endstops.

Mother insisted she take pictures while I assemble it.


10 months 18 days ___hours ___minutes ___seconds

$549 for the Deluxe Package I backed
$50 shipping
$67 for Aluminum/acrylic enclosure and variably sized nozzle kit


yes really

a lot of patience

and reading 6,422 kickstarter comments, lord knows how much I've read on the forum.

as I said in the beginning I will post everything I do with the machine here

more to come...

3D Printing Starters Guide, FAQ, Helpdesk, General Talk Thread

Very cool, maybe a time lapse from webcam footage soon™?

those steppers sound like @HEXcellerate's next track


Oh definitely


I'm motivated to get off my ass and build my resin pool printer....after finals


Not really.


This printer looks sexy af.


Looks good

I still haven't printed anything useful with my printer mostly cookie cutter requests from people. Got any projects planned?


yes, mostly gun accessories

also laser engraving



this is the autoprint file that comes on the SD card in the box.

ignore the string

first layer is...


so apparently I have to name the file I want to print "autoprint", a little odd, but it works


Kind of weird


Ok, the naming thing is odd but damn that's some good print quality.


Nice (^_^)-b

Also damn good packaging that clearly was put to the test. Glad to see it all in working order and I await time lapse videos of the various gun accessories you plan to print.


bed is super not level at the edges, hmmm


relief for those tiny cables





I'm jealous.


now do the level1 logo!


Print and engrave the craziest keycaps you could ever imagine .