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Kernel-Power Error in Event Viewer After Normal Shutdown

Any time I shut down my PC, when I start it back up it has generated Event ID 41 in the Event Viewer as if the system unexpectedly lost power. The most annoying byproduct of this is that Drivepool wants to remeasure the entire pool because it thinks something bad happened. Any idea why Windows would think that it’s not shutting down cleanly even though there’s no visible evidence of that being the case during the shutdown process?

edit Based on other errors in Event Viewer, it appears that fast startup might be the culprit. Disabling that and going to test in a little bit.

edit2 Well, that fixed the problem. Unfortunately, it now takes 14 minutes from clicking shutdown to the machine powering off.

edit3 I was able to re-enable fast startup without encountering the same error by deleting everything in %windir%\Prefetch, which also required temporarily disabling the Superfetch service in services.msc.