Keep rocking my 4590 or upgrade?

I think I just like building systems more than anything and it has been a few years now since I did one.

My current setup is an ASROCK H97m PRO, i5-4590, stock heatsink, 32GB Ram, 1TB Samsung 850 EVO, and evga 1050Ti Sc. Really I don't do anything that I am cussing at it for and don't need an upgrade to get by. I just like to try the new stuff from time to time. My main uses are some VMWare workstation 12 VMs, web browsing, and some light to medium gaming. I am not into FPS games and am not pushing it hard.

Anyway I was looking into Ryzen stuff with all of the buzz but don't know if it is worth it until all of the bugs get worked out in the compatibility and bios stuff.

Here is a build I threw together just to bounce some ideas around:

I totally get this:)
I gonna try an APU/Linux build cause my main rig is in the upstairs bedroom and the kitchen is downstairs and meatloaf takes an hour to cook.

if you go to microcenter you can get a discount on the cpu/mobo. thats what im going to do in a month or two when i save up enough.

you didn't mention your heatsink or HD setup. People are still enjoying their 2600K, oc'ed of course. Unless you play some really single threaded games or need a graphics card with 200+ fps I'd say you should wait a bit. $500 upgrade for only 10-50% boost, IMO isn't worth it. I'd save that on a used zotac 1080 or if gaming is not your thing I would get this.

HP z800, 12 cores, 24 threads. Add +100 for 24gb ram.

Stock HS for a locked CPU.

Samsung 850 EVO 1TB that is listed as purchased on the new build.

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I would say keep rocking your 4590 haswell setup.
And wait for Skylake-X, and see what that has to offer.
Then you can allways make a decission which way you go intel or amd.

But if you want to upgrade now persee.
Then probablly a Ryzen R5-1600 (X) setup is going to give you the best value for money.
I mean 6 core 12 threads is plenty for VM's,
and hard to beat at $220,- for a 1600 or $249,- for a 1600X respectivelly.

I think you already have your answer.

If you feel like your current system isn't hindering you then I don't really see the point in spending hundreds of dollars to upgrade.

I'm running a 2600K and have not once felt the need to upgrade. If I need an extra speed boost, I crank it straight to 4.5GHz and in games it still keeps up with the latest and greatest of them.

If you don't feel like your machine is slowing you down, there's no need to upgrade imo.

well i got my 4690 running @4.12Ghz (from 3.5Ghz stock) on all cores so "locked" does not mean you can't overclock.
so i use a Alpenfohn himalaya.

and no i don't have te k version.

I decided to fill my building urge with old hardware instead.

I just setup an E4700 2.6GHz, P31 chipset board, 4GB of ram, Nvidia 9400TG, and 120GB SSD from some old parts in the pile. Had an SSD with windows 8.1 on it already and fired it up not knowing what to expect.

Wow, this illustrates how little power most users really need now days. This thing is perfectly usable as a general web browsing system. I'm watching YouTube at 1080p full screen and it does it with no issues. Several tabs open in Chrome and just scoots right along.

On a system from 2008 no less.

I had a Newegg gift certificate and picked one of these up with it. I would change a few things if I could like the way the PS mounts but for the price it is a nice stand.

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