KDE Discover annoyance... Different behavior of the updates notification

So using Kubuntu 20.04.1 on top of Ubuntu 20.04.1, the biggest issue I currently have that required me to uninstall Discover so I don’t accidentally launch it is that clicking the notification launches Discover and no longer shows you how many pending updates so you could run Muon or apt(-get).

Old (shows how many pending updates)

New (shows nothing, clicking launches Discover)

In the LTS version of Plasma that came with 18.04, that’s the expected behavior that clicking the notification shows you how many updates are pending and it doesn’t launch Discover. Now it force launches Discover which more than often is broken.

I’m not the only one frustrated by this. Take a look at the username this guy posted under:


Are there alternatives as a Plasma Systray that integrates with Muon instead of Discover? Muon’s own update notifier was obsoleted in recent Kubuntus. This is super annoying and I haven’t found a viable solution to this as 20.04.1 is stuck on the new KDE versions.

The problem is worse in KDE Neon, where Discover crashes EVEN MORE.

I think they opted to force Discover as the default package manager, which sucks. At least they still bundle Muon with the base install. I haven’t really fiddled with the notification area yet. I usually just leave it as is and just ignore Discover (I run my own updates manually every week).

sudo apt autoremove --purge plasma-discover


Yeah, I already removed it, but I need a replacement that is Muon friendly.