KDE desktop effect not working after bios update

updated bios from an april release to the most current release. aorus elite wifi x570.

aside from having trouble getting my OC settings to work, the weirder part is I lost terminal window transparency, and the effect switching between workspaces, cube specifically, but I tried them all and none work now.

what the F$*%??? any ideas? Nothing changed but the bios.

fedora 32
32gb gskill ripjaws 3600
aorus elite wifi x570.
gtx770 (I know… I was waiting for 30 series then covid happened)

It happens sometimes. Go into System settings and turn the Compositor back on. It sometimes turns itself off.

Sometimes when an application turns off the Compositor it also doesn’t turn back on properly, Alt+Shift+F12 is the default for turning it back on I think.


I knew it was something easy and dumb like that… I have a tendency to try to fix everything the hard way. Thanks!

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