KDE Blackscreen after MHWD -a on Tesla T4s while AMDGPU should output Display

Hello Dear LevelOneTechs and Community,

I miss knowledge. I use Manjaro KDE on Wayland (tried X11 as well). If i use MHWD to install my Tesla GPUs for use with CUDA Applications (Blender, Stable Diffusion, Davinci Resolve) a multitude of Errors happen.

Symptom: After Installing nVIDIA TESLA T4 Drivers, Manjaro KDE will show a Black Screen only.
Expected Behavior: No Blackscreen; Use the VEGA 56 for Display Output.

I obviously miss in-deph knowledge here. I just happen to have some T4s and two VEGA56, if you wonder.

I took a fair bit of time and i’m sure, most errors are from “Dependencies not Starting”.

Anyone got any leads?