Kaspersky claims possible WannaCry Lazarus Group link (North Korea)

Kaspersky and several security researches have gone as far as suggesting a possible Link between Contopee and WannaCry malware. Contopee was attributed to Lazarus Group in 2015.

Detailed, original article:


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Or maybe it's the NSA making it look like it was North Korea so they have another excuse to invade. Then 5 years later it'll turn out to be as true as Saddam's weapons of mass destruction.


The security 'theatre' is just that.

If there's one country in this world that actually deserves "liberating" it's NK...but let China do it. They allowed it to get that bad

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Sounds like a flimsy excuse for people to stop accusing the NSA for the whole mess...

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Tomorrow they'll say Iran helped....

Really? North Korea? I would look more at NSA or elsewhere. Anyway it doesn't matter. The code exists so...

Now come on, we all know microsoft did it to remove old systems and pirated versions off the market so the users will have to upgrade and pay...

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