Kansas municipal Internet ban was “stabbed, shot, and hanged”

Guys, i was lurking arstechnica, when suddenly...




Its happening!



But guys you need to remember, and this is something that they already mentioned in the Ars comment section, this is only a momentarily victory, they can always come back with a new one, or even worse try to include it in some mundane proposition to let in through. The sad thing is that the local ISP or the public that oppose this damaging lobbying need to keep convincing the law makers that these things are a detriment to the status quo. The other side, the giant corporations and their army of lobbymen-and women only need to let the rule pass through once. And then the poor local ISPs can't do anything about it in years before the ruling can get challenged for removal or tweaks.

This increasingly unfortunate telecommunication situations seems to get worse and worse after each thorough article gets posted out there. Really makes you think how bad it has become..

And hello everyone, since this is my first post. I hope it was not too incoherent as I did it pretty fast and me not being a native English speaker probably plays a part too. I hope to stay here for a long time for intelligent discussions, too much noise most places else. :)

As someone who lives in Kansas, at least the over the top rhetoric is helping kansans notice the stupid shit these ISP's are trying to do.