K60 & M60 Take apart?

Sup guys, I got a K60 and an M60 (really cheap bundle deal), the looks are pretty cool, but I wan't it to match my case, whcich is a 600t, but I put 3M Di-Noc white carbon fiber on it. The silver aluminium finish looks cool, but I want it to be white carbon fiber.

Bottom line is, does anyone know how to take the aluminium pannel off? I woulld just take the caps off, but I feel I would probably scratch the aluminium underneath if I did, something I would rather not do. Same for the M60, I un screwed the bottom two screws but still stucj on, anyone know where the hidden screws are? 


If you don't want the k60 I will take it off your hands.

I think you might get a better answer at mod specific websites, becuase i'm clueless

Ahh, I love my K60, little loud with the reds and caps hitting the back, but built well, too well, can't get the damned thing apart :3