Just throwing this out there

Heya all you need-new-monitor-for-gaming-guys...

I just found out (prob old news) that an upgraded version of the legendary 22" 2ms samsung synchmaster 226bw have been upgraded. It's name is Samsung Synchmaster 226CW. So if youre looking for a VERY GOOD monitor for gaming and everything else and got some money to spend, I defineatly reccomend you to get that monitor.
I have the 226bw, and those T220 and t240 etc is crap compared to it, even when 226bw is "outdated" :] (from 2008).


How much is it? I don't have the cash to buy it personally, but maybe some of the other people here do.Â

Also, if anyone does get it they should do an unboxing video. Then show us how glorious the monitor is!

Uhmmm look it up. I only got the norwegian price here.

Ok directly translated from norwegian Kroner, to US dollars;

3000NOK = 461 dollars


I think Norway is a bit overpriced.. x]

If you think Norway is over priced then come over here in the UK!

I can guarantee we get ripped off the most lol

Waat? You atleast got cheap games at play.com :] Ive ordered many times from there.
Actually the best prices we norwegians get atm is from UK.

Thanks. I am looking for a new monitor. Where can I find it to buy?I have been looking at this one. Is it better?http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824009175

Hmm I dont think its better. Its not 22" or bigger, and it's 5ms response time.
But I doubt it to be a bad monitor.

that is way to expensive man.

The 226 BW is 2500NOK = 384 dollars
(the one I use. )

is it that much better than all their new monitors?

i mean thats more than almost all their 24 inch monitors and even the some of the 25-26 inch ones

From my POV id say its worth it. Its... perfect. (almost.. could have been in 24")

do you know anything about this monitor

or this

Nope, but they look nice as hell design and specs. Search around for some reviews

I just recently got the viewsonic vx2433wm 24".
It's been working great with 2ms response and a HDMI input.
Full HD (1080p) for only $400 New Zealand!