Just started playing EVE - all I can say is wow

So, I finally got around to installing EVE for the trial. I signed up today, and despite an initially corrupt installation, I finally got everything fixed, itstalled properly, etc.

Now, I have only just finished the tutorial, but in my short time I can safely say it is the single best MMO I have ever played.

The graphics are ridiculous! Absolutely gorgeous! It makes WoW look like a Crayon drawing.

The controls and camera are really nice; it is a bit of a pain to configure to work with DVORAK, but it's just remapping.

The story I have heard so far is quality. In fact, most everything about EVE is quality, from what I can tell.
As I have only just begun, however, my words can be taken with a grain of salt. As I progress further into my 14 day trial, I will inform you of my thoughts.

i always wanted to play eve but i knew if i started i would never see the sun again

That's the same thing that stopped me. It's the one MMO that interested me. I just know I'd get addicted and never get my work done.

I just hope Star Citizen gives the singleplayer/less mmo-ish part it promises (aka the continuation of Freelancer, more or less)