Just review a normal set of cases

IDK who else is in on this request as much as I am, but I’d love for you guys to qust… review a normal case. Just a black box with a cover on the front to hide the holes and a ton of drive cages. I personally have a large distaste for the window cases, and I hate that every computer has to be a christmas tree. If I wanted a pretty compiter to look at, I’d get a masterpiece cheesgrater case and tada.[

Even compare cases that aren’t from a Pella 10 for 10 sale. Literally anything.



Maybe the type of thing your after?

Top end, yeah. I’m actually looking at stuff like this.


And there was an OEM style antec one that I have now lost annoyingly enough. But I’m even looking at doing by new build in a LanBoy case.

Edit: This case lol: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/jYn2FT/antec-case-nsk4100

your looking for something like this then?


Windowless define r6?

You mean that thing everyone else does to no end?

I have a hankering for a 4U but for a regular desktop PC, but which one?

The type of thing I’m thinking about.

That or an old school full tower from the 90’s. Something like the Gateway 2000, I lusted after one of those.

Why not H440?

Yeah basically.

I am considering building my next machine into one of these:


I have one of those from 2005/6 and it says HP on it. It doesn’t fit anywhere in my house.