Just picked up a Nexus 5

Great phone, if anyone is on the fence about it, don't think twice. I previously had a LG Motion 4G on Metro PCS, not a bad device at all but the Nexus is on a different level. Two cautionary points if you are switching to T-Mobile and/or picking this phone up from them. They only offer the 16 gig version, not the 32. Easy to spot if you look at the specs but not if you're simply going by price vs the Google play store. Second, I was told by the local brick and mortar here that their prices were exactly the same as the T-Mobile website. After sitting in the store for around a hour to activate my family plan, the paperwork presented towards the end showed otherwise. The phone really is phenomenal though. By far the fastest mobile device I've ever used and if you don't mind participating in the great Google data harvest, the integrated services are actually quite convenient as well.