Just need a little help

Hello my name is Noah im 15 and I built my own PC by myself it runs decent just not as much as I want it to. When I run games like Minecraft the CPU spikes up to 100% then after 10 mins goes down to 56% and stays there anyway to help me? Is the CPU bad? i just need help before something seriously goes wrong thnx 


btw new to the forums

I never played minecraft, I thought that minecraft can't get a modern CPU to spike to 100%... I thought it's a very light game... What CPU you have?


Edit: Spelling mistake corrected...

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.93 GHZ Dual Core or Single Core not quite sure

i would like to get a better proccessor but m 15 i hav eno money i wanna make videos on games and stuff but my pc gets to hot 

That may be your problem, throttling. Download HWMonitor, check temperatures, post back core and package temps (and chipset). Any core 2 duo is more than enough for minecraft, even if recording. It would be nice if you'd post your full system specs in your profile.