Just need a heatsink

Hey guys i am building my new pc i have almost all my parts but am really torn on what type of heatstink that i should get. Im going to be running a 4770k on and asus maximus vi gene and running in a corsair 350d, i was looking at the h100i due to the decent cooling and also just saw the video from logan about the Nocuta Coolers but wondering what would fit i would like to keep this cooler at $100 or less since i still have just a few parts to pick up i would also like to do a mild overclock on my chip to 4.5 if possible. 

A large air cooler will compete with the H100i, and will cost less. If you're interested in Noctua, the NH-D14 is a good all-round performer. Better acoustic performance than other coolers of this size, great thermal performance. Should give an OC of 4.5, comfortably.

I have the same processor on an ROG motherboard and I can achieve about 4.4-4.5 with the Phatenks 12DX, which is a smaller heatsink.

It's luck of the draw, but most 4th gen Intel chips will struggle to get past 4.6 without a custom watercooling loop - not the closed loop coolers.

thanks yea hopefully that will fit into the case ill probably be sticking with air then. 



Corsair hydro!

For $75, you could get a Noctua NH-D14 or Phanteks PH-TC14PE that will destroy that puny CLC.


NH-D14 > H100i > H80i. Buying CLC is craziness sometimes. Very overpriced, WendellWilson.

OP, the NH-D14 should fit the chassis. Always good to double check. (save my neck)

Yeah if your case can fit that damn thing. I over clock my 3930K to 4.6 with that little closed loop with no issues! Under heavy load its around 68c.

The NH-D14 happens to be slightly cheaper ;D


Does that mean we win? ;p

Haha no I just couldn't fit the damn thing on my motherboard.

We didn't choose that motherboard... you chose that motherboard! #win

If it works, it works. Personally, I went with the 12DX, small dual 120mm upright. I'm not a fan of large coolers that cover the entire motherboard lol.

This CLC is amazing, have had it a few weeks now: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835106190

And the price is competitive when the NH-D14.