Just installed Windows 8.. Having some problems

So I just installed Windows 8 on my computer. (Specs in profile) From other computers i've used with Windows 8, it's always been really smooth, but for some reason it's running like crap on my computer. Any thoughts as to why it might be running so slugishly? 

Any number of things. What's resource consumption like?


Practically nothing. Like 1-3% on CPU and about 10ish% on RAM..


download newest bios for your mobo, it might not be 100% compatable with W-8 just yet. how abot some specs?

Hmm, didn't think about updating BIOS. I'm running an FX-8150, 16 GBs of ram @1600MHz, XFX radeon 7970 3gb, asus sabertooth motherboard.

when you say "its running like crap." what do you mean, could you be a bit more specific?

temps shoot up? too many tasks running? slow internet connection? you are on 64 bit right?

What about hard drive activity? I'm guessing either faulty hard drive, or a driver bug. Make sure all drivers are up to date, including the BIOS. Again, it's a guess because your problem is very vague. Could be a virus for all I know...