Just discovered Cincy Bell is now selling 2Gbps service this year

I walked into my ISP’s support shop yesterday and discovered that Cincinnati bell is now selling 2gbps consumer connections. Anyone know if there is an ethernet gateway out there that supports 2.5gb WAN and LAN? This one is only 2.5gb WAN and 4 1gb LAN, so you’d need link agro.

That is interesting… I wonder if they’re still using a gpon ont box like they do with 1Gb service? I guess they’d have to since the zytel looks like it has an RJ-45 WAN port.

I’m curious if someone knows of an off the shelf router capable of 2.5Gb as well.

I wish I could help. I personally run a pfsense box so I haven’t looked at new routers for like 4 years…

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