Just cause 2 demo

I downloaded the demo played it for 20mins and got bored the next day
tried it again and i have never even played it for more than the 30 min
limit without out getting bored of it. To me it seems like a less
looking realistic version of GTA 4 mixed with batman and better
graphics. I mean i love the graphics especially the water but it doesnt
seem very entertaining.

You know a game is great, when you can die and have fun with it. Everything that happens in that game makes me smile.

If you can jump on the top of a car that is barreling down a mountain then have it blow up under you and kill you, with the greatest sound effects in the world, and have a great deal of fun, it's a great game. I'm not affected by how over the top that game is, which it is, because even when stupid shit happens, you have to forgive it, because it was fun to watch.

The graphics are by far freaking phenomenal, some of the best, if not the best I've seen. It has ray traced ambient occlusion mapping. It does that through a CUDA enabled Bokeh Filter. That proves all the haters wrong, CUDA can be for games. I love this game.

id say that game be worth like 10 doll hairs used

I love any game that allows you to grapple barrels, shoot them, and fly 900 meters in the air.

Damn right.