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Jordan Peele's The Twilight Zone


The first episode is up for a free watch

How do you think it stacks up? Does this give you hope, or turn you off?



Could not come up with his own thing ? Do they have to remake everything to death ?



Nothing is new under the sun

Yes lol

For me, this episode does not inspire confidence.



The 2nd episode was a bit better. It is a nod to the classic episode but it was different enough to distinguish itself. 1st one bored me and was that great. Based on interviews Jordan Peele has a great deal of respect fr Rod Serling and he did give the impression he understand why the original was so good. I think the series has promise. I’m going to wait till the series comes to bluray before I watch the rest of the series but I do believe the rest of the season will be better.

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I hope so, this episode is was actually worse then I thought.

His movies had good/interesting ideas, have good build up, and he tends to get pretty good actors. While at the same time suffering with poor writing, on the nose and superficial political “message”, and lackluster payoff. This first episode suffers from all the cons of his movies, while also not having a good build up or an interesting idea.

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I always assumed remakes happened so that they could keep the show under copyright. I’m sure there are other monetary reasons but no one wants to lose the IP they acquired.

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