Joomla - Forms with payments


I will try to keep this short, I’m given an existing website (Joomla 3.9) and asked to create a payment option preferably using Moneris payment gateway if possible (yes, I’m from Canada, sorry!), or as an alternative Paypal or Stripe. Used Joomla ages ago, around version 1.5, and since then I’m using Drupal.

Currently site uses “JSN Uniform” (version 4.1.5 - not latest), I will work with vendor to clear some issues I have found using this module/plugin. If updating to most recent version fixes the issues, I’m all for it.

Finally, my question. Are there any of you using Joomla and that can recommend some third party forms including paid solutions that may be used in my case. To build a form and to integrate/redirect to payment screen.

What I would expect from component, to have record of payment. It could be on joomla site, or passing all form fields to paypal for example. Exportable list of payees with all form data is something I would need. I’m ok wth this new component using webhooks but it has to be supported out of the box.

What I don’t want is for me to create component from scratch. Or to enable full blown e-commerce solution for 3 products I plan to offer since current theme is custom (built poorly, with a lot of markup in articles themselves).

Looked some solutions but even if I narrow it down to 5-6 components, it would take me at least 2h per component to test. And if asking here would shorten the time, I’m all for it. Maybe some of you may had same issue previously and is willing to point me in right direction.


This looks like the think I need -

Any one with experience with this component?