Joining multiple wifi connects

hey guys 

anyone tell me the dos and dont of trying to run

5-10 different wifi connections into 1?

Do you mean running 5 - 10 wireless access points?

The basic jist of it is you have them all wired in to a switch and you want to set them all with the same SSID and password. This way clients will connect to whichever AP has the highest signal. To improve performance you want to put them on different channels, but always 1, 6 or 11. So you'd each one set to whichever channel is free wherever that AP is. This way each AP will have it's full bandwidth, if you use the same channel for all the APs then they will be sharing that channel's bandwidth wherever it overlaps.

If you're using more enterprise level stuff then you will have proper handover where APs can share the clients between each other better. If you're just using standard APs then clients will just hang on to whichever one they connect to first and stay connected until the signal gets so low it disconnects.

If you're looking for some APs to use for this I can recommend the ubiquiti unifi APs, they're enterprise grade but they're way cheaper and easier to set up than other enterprise level stuff.

I think he means 5-10 routers and their wifi connections and merging them into one? Either way you'd have to still set it up as ONE SSID to connect your device to, while using the hardware of the other 5-10 wifi setups as APs on the singular network.

Simple, first you are going to need 5-10 wireless cards. Connect them all to the internet, then use "Connectify Dispatch" and you should be good! Expect some latency though!

Doesn't seem to improve much. I have 2 wifi cards in 1 PC, the AC1200 takes over and disables the wireless g/b one right away. Might have to tweak it, since mine is only running at 144.5Mbps, but I'm topping out at around 30Mb/s for video and 70Mb/s for video no where near the limit of wireless N or AC.

I had two wifi cards in 1 pc (both connected to the same network) and they pretty much started to cancel each other out. I was hitting 60 mb/s with the external and about 40 mb/s with the internal (those were without another one connected) and as soon as i started them both, they dropped to 1 mb/s each. I can't explain it but I wouldn't recommend it.