Java on Android!

Some guys ported Java SE 5, 6 and 7 to Android.

It's supposed to be released around Q2 2014 and would allow

you to run desktop jars, like minecraft :)

What do you think about this? 

Sounds like putting a security fire out with gasoline.

I might be completely ignorant and entirely missing the point, but isn't it better to just port it from Win32 API to Android API? Then you could at least use the interface properly.

For minecraft, its not as easy as that. Thats just the start of the job, ive ported GNU/Linux to various ARM based tablets, and the most i could get is software rendering. No doubt someone will figure it out, but still the best bet is waiting on thats portable version to improve.

I hope that it is a native run-time and not just a translation layer, because java is slow enough on it's own.

Also good luck hitting, a desktop paradigm button designed for a mouse cursor on a 5" 1080p touchscreen, with your finger. It'll feel like doing micro-vascular surgery with a tree-trunk.

All the "It's new so it must be bad" aside it could be useful for running java applications without a GUI, like for example an i2p router.

Sounds interesting because that's the programming language I am learning in school. Going to be cool to see how well it works.