Java Help

Recently I've been trying my hand at both Python and Java. I'm learning Python through Codecadamy, which is super clean, user friendly, and allows you to easily track your progress with mile markers. However, I am picking up Java through LearnJavaOnline, which isn't a terrible site in it's own right, but any time they ask me to write in code it seems like the solution requirements are incredibly rigid (or maybe that's just a Java thing?). For example, the site wanted me to print the phrase "H3110 w0r1d 2.0 true" to the console; seems easy enough. So I tried this:

public class Main {
      public static void main(String[] args) {
            long govna = 3110;
            byte l = 1;
            byte o = 0;
            char s = " ";
            double d = 2.0;
            boolean t = true;
            String biggerBetter = "H" + govna + s + "w" + o + "r" + l + "d" + d + t;

And, upon trying to test the code, the script compiling engine (think I'm using those terms correctly, I would hate to look a fool) just keeps executing endlessly like there is some infinite loop somewhere. My question is, do you guys know of a better site to learn Java at? Or, at the very least, what am I doing wrong here? Is it something obvious I am missing and I'm just an idiot, or is the limitations of the site I am using? Answers are much appreciated.

Well, looks like the format for the code got all botched up upon posting. Sorry about that.

Well if it just to get that phase on the console you dont need all that code, try this code: 

System.out.println("H3110 w0r1d 2.0 true");

as for the loop problem, i dont see a loop but im new to java as well but I have been playing with it for a long time now and get most of the ideas and have made smaller programs with it.

Wow, that's a million times easier than the convoluted way they were having me write it! Guess it's supposed to be an exercise in learning. Still, it would be nice if they would tell you the shortcuts too.

it looks like that's exactly what they were trying to do. Seems like they were trying to show you have to create a string from a set of other variables. 

OK, the line

char s = " ";

Needs to be

char s = ' ';

You were also missing some spaces in some of the strings. 

In the first one you are trying to assign a string to a char (the " characters are used to enclose strings), which results in a type error (i.e. you're trying to store a list of characters in a var that is only meant to store one. It does not matter that it's a list of only one character). the ' character is used to enclose single characters in java (so 'blahblahblah' will always result in a compiler error. ).

I'm not going to recommend you learn java the way I did (university + SCJP certification) although if you did get the cert it might give you the ability to pick up some interesting summer jobs (I'm guessing you're still in high school, apologies if I'm wrong).

The Pro tip that I am going to give you is this: Go and download the java SDK now and write your programs locally on your computer and write these little programs on your computer first, compile them and run them locally before submitting them. This will be a far easier way to diagnose problems. 

Ha, I'm actually a few years out of high school, but I can see where you would make that assumption (a goofy, backwards way of writing and picking up code for whimsy does not make for the most responsible adult image). I appreciate the tips, though. Transitioning from leaning how to set values in Python to Java, and thus far seeing a lot of similarities in how they are set up (albeit Python syntax are a lot less cumbersome), I made the bold assumption that quotations served the same purpose in both. Also, downloading the SDK is quite the pro tip indeed, and something that probably would have eluded me for some time. I appreciate the feedback, Speedfox. You have been invaluable.