Jasper Assistant Install on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

Hey guys,

I’ve been attempting to setup Jasper on a raspberry pi 3 Model B (http://jasperproject.github.io/) using their ‘Quick Start’ installation method (an Arch image preconfigured to work with their software)

I’m writing the image to my micro SD card with the following command after wiping the partitions:

sudo dd if=/path/to/img of=/dev/sdb

Tutorials I’ve been following all state that I can boot off the SD card after this command completes, however I get no output from my Pi using their quick start image.

Have any of you had better luck with this project or know of any necessary work-arounds?

Also I apologize if this is the wrong section to post this in

Double check your output file location. When I do a dd image write my SD card is something like /dev/mmcblk. That may be different in a different OS. Also may need a BS=4M in there before the input file.

double check first if your targeting the correct drive by using ‘sudo fdisk -l’
You SD-card will show up as proberly 4-8-16-32gb., and mmc…
And the guide does say.
sudo dd if=2013-12-20-wheezy-raspbian.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=2M
which may also be your problem, if they’re using some wierd kernel setup which requires
a specific setup.

Boot sector?

These SOC doesn’t boot like a PC, basically they require the internal what ever to be able to read the file system, and have certain files present, on a readable partition.
Basically if you check out the boot partition on a raspian SD card, it’ll be like fat32, and 60mb or so, and basically all the rasp does here is read it’s setup, and execute a kernel on a different partition, e.g. a linux kernel in this case, and you can actually hack it here and just point its boot partition to a different partition e.g. sdaX.
I think the diagram in this thread explains it best, basically you cannot just willy nilly change the boot order on a SOC by rewriting the MBR, since it is all embedded in the system which files etc. to look/read from.

Sometimes I’ve had trouble with that too. When you use DD it sometimes uses the write cache of the card which is cleared when ejected. To make sure that it’s cleared, just run:
That may do it.